Faithspotting is a podcast that spots and share issues of life, faith, and theology presented in film, television, and music. Our goal is to empower listeners to use these stories as tools to strengthen and apply faith in their everyday life. You can support Faithspotting by listening, commenting, and sharing episodes. You can also become a “Faithspotter” patron at Thank you for listening and supporting Faithspotting.

Recent Episodes

Faithspotting "Everything Everywhere, All At Once"

March 4, 2023

Originally recorded during the initial theatrical release, Kenny and Mike discuss and spot faith elements in the multi award winning and multiple Oscar nominated film by directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Schneinert.  Faith No…

Faithspotting Oscar Picks and Predictions

March 4, 2023

Mike ard Kenny set aside spotting faith and discuss the 95th Academy Award nominations and discuss their picks and predictions for the Oscars.  Films and performances featured in previous Faithspotting episodes include: All …

Righteousness Identity As Child Of God Temptation Of Power Use Of Blessings Righteous Influence

Faithspotting "Triangle of Sadness"

Feb. 25, 2023

Mike and Kenny discuss and spot faith issues reflected in the Best Film Oscar nominee "Triangle of Sadness" directed by Ruben Ostlund. The satirical, black comedy film highlights the differences between social classes and wh…

Faithspotting "She Says"

Feb. 12, 2023

Kenny and Mike discuss and spot faith elements reflected in the Maria Schrader film "She Said." Carey Mulligan (Megan Twohey) and Zoe Kazan (Jodi Kantor) star as New York TImes investigative reporters who broke the story of …

Gospel Of Matthew Romans Gospel Of Mark Galatians Pride, Power, Fruits Of The Spirit, Lov Pride Power Fruits Of The Spirit Love Of Neighbors And Self Children Of God Cancel Culture

Faithspotting "Tar"

Feb. 1, 2023

Kenny and Mike discuss the and spot faith reflected in the Todd Field film Tar starring Best Actress nominee Cate Blanchett.

Grace Christ Figure Spiritual Forgivness Prodigal Son Adam And Eve Sinful Nature

Faithspotting "The Whale"

Jan. 14, 2023

Mike and Kenny discuss and spot faith reflected in the latest Darren Arononfsky film, The Whale, starring Brendan Fraser. The film tells the story of Charlie, a 600 lb man who teaches virtul writing classes. Struggling with …

About the Hosts

Rev KennyDicksonProfile Photo

Rev KennyDickson

Founder of Cross Roads Faith and Film and Host of Faithspotting Podcast

Kenny is a United Methodist pastor in the Dallas area and is the founder of the ministry Cross Roads Faith and Film. The mission of Cross Roads is to help faith communities utilize film as a tool in ministry and faith development of members. Kenny also works with film companies in marketing films to faith communities. While Cross Roads works with faith-based projects, it specializes in finding secular films that reflect life issues and matters of faith. Prior to serving Cross Roads full time, Kenny pastored in churches throughout the North Texas region for 24 years. Throughout his ministry in local congregations, Kenny utilized his film degree by using films as parables in teaching and preaching. Kenny has been married for 26 years and with his wife Michelle they have two adult children.

Michael HatchProfile Photo

Michael Hatch

Audio/Video Production Teacher

After spending nearly 30 years in radio (15 years of that time on the air in Dallas), Mike currently teaches digital audio/radio and television at Prosper High School (just north of Dallas). He grew up in southern New Hampshire, and moved down to Texas after meeting his future wife (Melissa—a United Methodist Minister) through a mutual best friend. Mike has two amazing kids: Maddie and Mitchell. He's also been blessed to meet everyone from The Ghost Hunters to Fall Out Boy to Blondie. His favorite career highlight: covering Stephen King's Press Conference! Mike is a lifelong and hardcore movie fan: especially horror films.